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Frequently Asked Questions

Please look at some of our frequently asked questions  at Computing Solutions Trinidad & Tobago-

1. Start Web Development of your website – Before payments are made, we create a demo site for you so you can see the potential of the website. This demo site is a basic website layout, your business name, logo, catch phrase etc, facebook integration and some sample pics which will show the website at work.

2. How are payment(s) made? – Once you give us to go ahead to create a website, a payment of $700TTD will be require for the domain name and server space hosting. The domain name is the registration of your business name and setting up of email accounts associated with your website business name. The reason we require this payment is because the domain name is your birthright, once registered the business website domain is yours. We do this in order to protect ourselves from having domain names we don’t require should the client decide to not follow through with the website. For example if we registered and paid for and you decide you dont require the website anymore, we would be stuck with a domain that we dont require either.  This arrangement also protects you, since the domain name is yours, should you be unhappy with our service at any time you can take your domain and move to another provider. Finally once the website is completed, the final payment for the design and development will be required before the site goes live online. Payments can be made via cheque, cash or account deposit.

3. The fees quoted, is it yearly, one time or other? What are the yearly fees if any? – There is a one-time payment for the design and development of the website base on at completion. On the anniversary date of the following year a renewal is required for the host server and domain renewal. The price for yearly renewal is $700TTD presently.

4. How long will it take for the site to be finished? – The site would take two to three weeks to complete, once you have provided all the data content to be added on the website (pictures, about us information, logo, business address etc.)

5. What’s the minimum and maximum amount of pictures that could be uploaded to the site? – Maximum amount of pics is 500mb. Take a look at our clients websites below, for example and these websites require large storage for their pictures. The 500MB has been proven to be more than reliable. More storage is available if required.

Should you require any more information, please do not hesitate to call or email.