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Computer Systems

Computer Systems built to last in Trinidad.

There are hundreds of computer companies to choose from…why buy your computer from us? Here at Compsoltt we specialize in building the best gaming PCs, custom PCs and workstations to suit any need and budget in Trinidad and Tobago.

Often the thought of building or upgrading a computer desktop or laptop can be overwhelming. Let Compsoltt remove the guess work and worry from the equation. We will work with you based on technical specifications and requirement analysis to determine the best computer fit based on your requirements. We do this whilst working with our established IT suppliers, securing the right products with the best price for you.

Firstly, every one of our machine is 100% custom-made with no proprietary parts using only the latest generation of technology available. Every talked-about component can be found, and if you do not find what you’re looking for then let us know and we will get it for you.
Second, every single machine receives individual approach as far as configuration is concerned. Even before a purchase is made, a preliminary configuration gets evaluated by a dedicated technician in order to ensure that the design serves its purpose perfectly for the money.
Meaning that if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll get it; if you are not sure what’s the best machine for you, we will do all of the configuration and balancing for you! In the end, we strive to delight every one of our customers, be it an experienced pro or a first-time buyer.
Custom Built PC
The most affordable custom desktop available, in both AMD and Intel configurations. Built from the latest generation of best-balanced mainstream parts, this configuration attains highest possible Vista performance score in its base configuration. Customizable and fully upgradeable, very energy-efficient and nearly silent.
Custom Gaming PC
Intel or AMD with SLI or CrossFire video platforms, our custom gaming systems will suite your needs. Whether you are a novice gamer looking to buy PC for a proper start in High-Definition Gaming or a pro-gamer looking for a gaming system to keep up with your skills, we got a machine for you. Located in Canada, we have local experts standing by who are ready to utilize their knowledge of the industry and hardware to ensure that your system configuration is as good as it gets for the money invested.
Performance Gaming PC Hardcore Gaming PC Extreme PC
Get your game on for less with our cost-efficient performance true HD Gaming machines equipped with either SLI or CrossFireX dual-graphics technology
Technological superiority for the last man standing. Faster-than-the-next-guy’s pre-overclocked (yet affordable) systems designed for both competitive gamers and lovers of extreme graphics quality
Weapon of mass ownage. Comprised of only best-of-breed hardware, this is our flagship gaming system. With fastest processor, graphics and memory available to Man, this system is designed for the most hardcore gamers, enthusiasts and power-users